Four short years - grades 9 through 12 - will have a lifelong impact on your child. The habits formed in high school set the stage for college, work, and life. Learn how Eastern Christian students lean into meaningful growth.

Inside the E-Book:

An intro to next-level learning and how it impacts students

Tips for making the most of the high school experience

Profiles of five real EC students and stories from their school life

EC High School highlights including academics, college prep, and student activities

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Who will your child become in high school?

Discover an environment where students take their skills to the next level 

“At times, every student wonders how the information that they are learning will benefit them in the real world; the STEAM program provides students with the ability to apply virtually anything that interests them. These applications are always pointed in the direction of benefitting the world.”

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— Michael Steiginga
Eastern Christian High School Junior

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— Michael Steiginga
Eastern Christian High School Junior